"Where Vision meets care: your eye health, Our Priority"
"Where Vision meets care: your eye health, Our Priority"

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Prof. Dr Muhammad Saleh Memon

“33 years of forward and upward journey of Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital proves that there is no end to what a man can do if he does not care to whom the credit goes. It would not have been possible without the support of many persons and organizations. None of them claim any credit for the progress of Al-Ibrahim eye hospital. I prefer to leave these foundations buried unsung. It will be belittling their efforts to name them. This long journey has its ups and downs; but never looked back. We have never been alone during our difficult times. We owe our present position to our supporters known or unknown. I leave it to our posterity to find out the names of the benefactors and leave the reward to ALLAH Almighty.”

Prof. Dr Ghulam Qadir Kazi

“I pray to Allah (swt) who has brought this program which started with one slit lamp and has now reached to the stage where it is serving humanity in more than 40 countries: conducted in more than 250,000 ‘’FREE Sight Restoring Operations’’ and provided more than one million glasses and other services; having more than 10 eye centers working all over Africa and Asia received appreciation at all national and international forums including:
Saudi Ophthalmology
Pan Arabic African Council of Ophthalmology
American Academy of Ophthalmology.

It reminds me of one of the late Founding Director of the Program who said: This shows sincerity of the Directors and workers of the programs’’ May Allah (swt) accept the Ikhlas of all who participated in this program in any form (Ameen)
I congratulate them all.”

"Our Outreach Activities"


For the longest time, Afghanistan and its people have See more...


A team of 11 consisting of DR M. Ashraf (chief surgeon), Dr. Ali Aftab See more...


Every year, the institute with the support of Al-Baser See more...


On 16th November 2021, Al-Ibrahim eye hospital began See more...

"What Sets Us Apart"

HR Development Program Success Stories.
Introducing Dr. Abdul Fattah Memon, a remarkable Individual who emerged from our very own HR Development Program, rose through the ranks and ultimately achieved success by assuming the role of Director at AIEH.
Dr. Sohail Bukhari

My name is Dr. Sohail Bukhari and I am a consultant ophthalmologist and senior registrar here at Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital. This institute has been here for over 30 years now, being a beacon of light for the people who are not able to afford eye-related care. As it has progressed over the years, its programs have continuously improved as well, namely the HR development program here at AIEH. I speak from experience when I say this program has been quite instrumental in my professional career. I have completed my FCPS from here and currently, I am doing my second FCPS in Vitreo-retina alongside this I have continued my residency here at AIEH as well and this institute has over 20-22 students in residency. AIEH offers many different specialty departments with regular OPD and procedures in order to address a vast level of eye care. I have been impressed with the level of education and expertise the HR development program has given us and it has proved to be quite fruitful for us in our professional careers. It has made us clinically and surgically sound in a way that’s even helpful for our own private setups in performing surgeries and OPDs.
Currently over a span of 20-25 PGs still continue to work here at the mother institute that is AIEH and have their own private practices as well and all this has been due to the education that has been given to us. If AIEH continues to grow the way it has, I am sure it will have a bright future and will also be able to provide sound and much-needed education to many others as well.

One window clinic:

Al Ibrahim eye hospital established a comprehensive one-window facility for diabetics under one roof in April 2014 with the support of Sightsavers and Standard Chartered Bank. The main purpose of this was to provide comprehensive eye screening and treatment services as well as diabetes management, primary screening and treatment of diabetic foot, Neuropathy, and Nephropathy. It was also crucial that patients were made aware of the importance of self-Management in such a condition. For them to recognize and manage high and low blood sugar levels was extremely necessary. The high-quality services are provided with free consultations and high subsidization in treatment and provision of diabetes management medicine and blood tests HBA1c, creatinine, Urine DR, lipid profile, and Fasting blood sugar, for diabetics. In addition to that, awareness sessions are conducted in the waiting area of the clinic, among the diabetics for prevention and control of diabetes complications. The proper counseling sessions are conducted with diabetics individually by qualified diabetes educators. Diabetics are suffering from multiple diabetes complications, and due to the one-window facility, they are benefited from the services under one roof. Initially, the clinic started with 3-4 diabetics in a day. Presently 90-100 diabetics are benefited from quality services in a day. This is a unique model in the eye hospital where all services are provided under one window for diabetics. This model continues to help patients have easy accessibility regarding their diabetic care. It provides multitudes of benefits to every patient suffering from diabetes. Easy access to eye care promotes overall eye health which AIEH strives to do with the help of this program and in turn contributing towards a more positive and healthier society where visual eye care becomes a basic human right.

"Patient Success Story"

Had it not been for Al-Ibrahim, i would have lived my entire life with fear for my eyes.

Riaz Patient

I thought i would lose everything but my Counsellor and al-ibrahim showed me that there is always hope no matter how bad it seems. Because of their guidance and help, i can continue to support my family.

Asma Patient

I can only thank aieh because it showed me compassion and helped me regardless of my financial constraints.

Hameeda Patient
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