About Us

About AIEH:

Between the years 1988-1990, a first National Survey on prevalence and cause of blindness revealed that while two persons were blind in every 100, only one ophthalmologist was available for 250,000 people.
Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital situated at Memon Goth Road, old Thana, Gadap town, Karachi, Karachi city, Sindh was established in 1990 as a project of ISRA ISLAMIC FOUNDATION. Initially the primary objective of AIEH was to develop human resources for the activities of Isra Blindness Control program and provide tertiary level eye care.
However, 33 years onwards not only has AIEH fulfilled its initial goals but continues to develop at a rapid pace. During these years it has developed into a teaching hospital recognized by PMDC, Sindh Medical Faculty and College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and Isra University. In addition to this AIEH has made high level eye care easily accessible to a large segment of the population through eye units, community based programs and eye camps. Moreover, it has contributed human resources to three Al-Ibrahim eye care hospitals in Pakistan and 15 international Makkah hospitals, a chain of hospitals run by Al-Basar in Africa and Asia.


To provide accessible, affordable and equitable eye care.


To enlighten, educate and support the communities with quality eye care.

Message by the Directors:

Prof. Muhammad Saleh Memon
Executive Director / Co-Founder
”It will not be an exaggeration to say that not less than 50% of our people need free or subsidized eye care. A recent survey showed that only 17% of the population has access to public eye care service while the remaining 83% have to pay out of their own pocket for their eye problem. Private care is growing out of reach of even upper middle class families with living parents. This institute started as weekly out-patient in 1990 and is now a fully equipped tertiary eye care center. It is also the base hospital for four secondary hospitals and eye camps both national and international in 25 Afro-Asian countries with the support of Isra foundation, Al Baser international and several INGOs. In addition to eye care, AIEH is actively engaged in Human Resources Development from paramedics to the subspecialty for its own services and the province of Sindh and Baluchistan. It is actively involved in the research activities mainly in Diabetes eye diseases, cataract and glaucoma. All of this is a testament to how the institute has continued to evolve over the years and this has only been possible with the continued faith you have showed in us over the years. So we urge you to continue to Support Us to Reach The Unreachable”
“After so many years of service, this Hospital remains a shining symbol of hope, offering easily accessible eye care to any community in need. The impact of our services continue to extend beyond the walls of our hospital and manages to create a ripple effect which has the power to forever change lives for the better. We believe we have been given a gift by Allah Almighty in the form of our eyes, and the fragility of our eyes only strengthens our belief that receiving access to quality eye care is a fundamental human right regardless of caste, creed or culture. Any individual that walks through these halls is welcomed with open arms and is offered the best eye care possible within our reach. All of this would not have been possible if it weren’t for the people who have continued to support us to this day, not to mention our exceptional team who continues to cross all boundaries of human limitations in making this organization a successful endeavor in our goal to support and educate all communities. We can only hope God gives us the strength to continue our mission and help any person who is in need of accessible and equitable eye care.”
Dr. Abdul Fattah Memon
Director / Vitreoretinal Surgeon