Subsidized Services

Optical Lab and Optical Shop

1- Our Clinics identify the Glass number and prescribes it to the patient

2- Patient visits our optical shop and the shop receives the prescription

3- Optical shop sends the order to the optical lab

4- The optical lab makes the glass on demand

5- Patient receives the glass on the same day

Our in-house process has been designed with one clear goal in mind: to provide exceptional care to our patients with the utmost convenience and affordability. Through this streamlined approach, we ensure that patients have easy access to the care they need, right when they need it, all at subsidized rates. We believe that everyone deserves quality healthcare that doesn’t burden their finances, and our commitment to making this a reality is at the core of our services. With our in-house process, we aim to ease the journey to better health, making it accessible to all, while keeping costs in check, because your well-being is our top priority.

Types of Glasses:

1. CR39 White
2. CR39 Multicoated
3. CR39 Anti-blue-cut-lens
4. CR39 Multicoated Photo G&Y
5. CR39 Multicoated Photo Bron
6. White Multicoated

1. CR39 White

2. CR39 Multicoated

1. CR39 White glass
2. CR39 Multicoated
3. Photo G&Y KIT
4. Photo Bron kit

1. White glass
2. CR39 White
3. CR39 Multicoated
4. Photo G&Y
5. Photo Bron

1. White glass
2. CCR39 White Glass
3. CR39 Multicoated
4. CR39 Multicoated Blue Cut

Pathological lab

At AIEH, we understand that your vision is a precious gift, and we leave no stone unturned to protect and enhance it. As an integral part of our comprehensive eye care services, our lab plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and managing eye conditions with unparalleled accuracy. We meticulously analyze samples and conduct tests to ensure that your diagnosis is accurate and timely. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond diagnosis – we are here to support you on your journey to better eye health

Types of Tests

1. Gram’s Staining
2. Gemsa Staining.
3. Field Staining
4. Direct Microscopy

1. Conjunctival Swab for CIS
2. Corneal Pus for CIS
3. Throat Swab for CIS
4. Vitreous for CIS
5. Aqueous for C/S

1. Blood Cp
2. Hemoglobin
3. Blood TLC/DLC
4. ESR
6. M. P.
7. Group

1. Blood Sugar
2. HBA-1 C
3. Blood Urea
4. Creatinine

5. Liver Function Test (LFT)
A- Bilirubin T/D
C- Alkaline Phosphate

6. Lipids Profile
B- Cholesterol
C- Triglycerides

7. Diabetic Pakage (HBA1C,CREAT,F.L.P, U D/R)
8. Uric Acid
9. Calcium
10. Phosphate

2. R. A. Factor
3. G.A Screaning Hep B+C+HIV+CE.C+U/C
4. G.A Screaning Hep B+C+HIV+CBC
6. HBs Ag
7. HCV
8. Hep B+c+HIV+RBS
9. HIV

Urine DR